Kenny and McKenzies Amazing Squaw Wedding


This past weekend was incredible.  My friends McKenzie and Kenny got married in Squaw, the celebration was incredibly beautiful, fun and true.

For four days we came together and celebrated with great family from close and afar.   We feasted on wonderful food and live music.   The fun and joy resonated off the walls of our beautiful valley as we played into the starry night again and again.

The light was magnificent and shined in the eyes and hearts of all who came to share.

To McKenzie and Kenny…I wish you the very best in life together.  May you live, love and continue to inspire everyone who is lucky enough to cross your serendipitous path.

Blessed Be.


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4 thoughts on “Kenny and McKenzies Amazing Squaw Wedding

  1. We are truly blessed to share this time with you: the festive reception at Gallery Keoki, the Dublin band and brazilian food at your warm home, the heart felt vows on top of Squaw Valley, the sunset in Squaw Valley meadow, completed with gliding across glassy Lake Tahoe to play on the East Shore.

  2. Thank you Keoki for a truly epic experience on the lake. You are a gifted photographer. We feel so blessed to know you. Thank you for capturing our magical day in such a beautiful way. =)

  3. Keoki, truly the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen in my life. You are so amazing, of course love does inspire, doesn’t it!?

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