“Lake of the Sky” Unveiled

On Saturday, July 29, 2017, Gallery Keoki hosted a reception for Keoki’s newest image release, “Lake of the Sky”.  The evening included a slide presentation of Keoki’s trip skiing on the volcanos in Kamchatka, Russia, and we also were provided a sneak peek of his most recent adventures in the Galapagos Islands. 
Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday, both longtime friends and new.  A special thank you to Matt Reardon and Amy Blankenship, featured in the new image, and their baby, Louisiana Sky, who lent us her name.  Thanks to Tahoe Blue Vodka for sponsoring our Tahoe Blue Mules, and uncorked for providing beautiful red and white wines from Spain.
The Gallery Keoki Team extends our gratitude for your continued support.
Keoki, Lynn and Elysia 
If you missed the reception, check out a few images from the event below:

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Gallery Keoki Special Offer

Keoki Flagg pored through our past display inventory and curated select framed artworks for release at incredible discounts during the festival. 

Below is a list of title, size, price of each image presented as framed artwork, a format our gallery no longer sells, but are now being released at huge discounts for our local friends.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to own Keoki’s iconic fine art at unprecedented discounts. 

For more information, immediate assistance, or to place your order, please contact Lynn Gibson at 530-414-8500 or lynn@gallerykeoki.com.


Women’s World Cup, Squaw Valley March 10-11, 2017

In the beginning of March the World Cup Tour came to Squaw Valley to see the planet’s finest women ski racers compete in the final event before the World Finals in Aspen.   

This was the first time a World Cup race was held in Squaw since 1964; the expectations were high, and I can proudly say that on all fronts, Squaw did not disappoint. 

Shooting for the United States Ski Association, I went through the mandatory briefing, got my coveted race credentials, and inspected the race course, searching for what I thought would be “the gate.”  Once I chose my angle and got the sign-off from the course camera chief I was locked in and could not move.  Nothing like trying to predict where the magic was going to happen…

The course was burly.  The amazing Squaw race crew worked their butts off spending weeks to deliver a world-class stage, and they succeeded.  Equipped with a Nikon D5, a 200-400mm lens, and crampons to navigate the bullet proof run, I shot both runs of the Giant Slalom on Friday and the Slalom on Saturday.  The power and balance these beautiful women showcased blew me away. 

In true Squaw form, both days of racing covered the full spectrum of conditions.  The weather shifted from dull flat icy cold light all the way to our classic California blue sky warm sticky sun.  The steep course was daunting and proved to be extremely challenging for the racers; many DNF’d (Did Not Finish).   

In the end it was our very own Mikaela Shiffrin who stole the show.  In front of record crowds, she threw down four amazing runs and not only walked away with the gold in both races, but captured the overall World Cup in the Slalom.

All in all, this was a proud moment for all of us who call this mountain home. After decades of silence on the competitive world ski racing stage, Squaw once again strutted its stuff.

Gallery Keoki Proudly Presents Keoki Flagg’s Three New Images

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, we had our new image release reception, January…Just Add Snow and it was a huge success!  The evening included a slide show presentation of recent trips to Revelstoke, British Columbia and Hokkaido, Japan, along with a new video showcasing the making of “Snowshore”, Keoki’s most recent pentimental stitch.  If you missed it, you can view the video here.

Check out a few images from the event!

Keoki Flagg with Will, Michelle and Brian Sharpes.

Gallery Keoki’s Owner, Lynn Gibson with Gary Davis.

We were welcomed with a beautiful snowfall for the opening reception of January…Just Add Snow. We planned this!

Grabbing seats for Keoki’s slideshow presention, January…Just Add Snow.


One of Keoki’s new images, “Snowshore”.

Is it ever truly a Gallery Keoki event without Edwina Flagg’s homemade cookies?

Gallery Keoki’s 4th Annual Celebrity Hound Hob Nob

This years celebrity Hob Nob was a blast with all the members of Squaw Dogs in attendance. Wylie, Boomer, Kaya, Trooper, Boon, Shakah and Murphy owned the night, strutting their stuff around their loving fans while graciously tolerating all the “pup”erazzi.

The house was filled with mountain folk of all ages who came together to celebrate these amazing dogs. The fundraiser was a great success and Squaw Dogs and the entire team at Gallery Keoki would like to thank everyone for their generous support of this world class team.

 Wiley “hanging out” at the Hob Nob 


Last year’s recruit, Trooper, getting all of the attention. 

Keoki with Amy, a fearless Squaw Valley ski patroller. 

Boon, getting some attention.  

Shaka getting a doggy back ride!

Murphy’s turn!


Time for some Boomer loving! 

Kaya getting attention from Keoki.

Kyle and Elysia selling the raffle tickets.

Wylee likes getting his picture taken. 

Shaka posing for the camera.

Craig, head of the Sqauw Dog’s patrol program, talking about the dogs.  

Murphy (Kaya patiently waiting her turn in the back).

Women of Squaw Alpine Ski Patrol Calendar Party

Saturday night a wide spectrum of the greater Tahoe community came together to help launch the very first Womens Ski Patrol Calendar for Squaw and ALpine Meadows. Braving one of the first winter storms of the season, everyone who came celebrated with these amazing women. Seven of the all star cast featured in the calendar were present signing autographs. In addition, everyone crowded into gallery three to see a brief slide show and presentation by Keoki Flagg, Lynn Gibson from Gallery Keoki, Tom Feiten from Squaw Valley and the Patrollers.

Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin




Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, RobinTaylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin

Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, RobinTaylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin Taylor, Crystal, Lel Tone, Robin

Elemental is launched

Finally ,  after a journey of many years ELEMENTAL has been released.   Last nights gathering was an amazing celebration.  So many wonderful people have played their part in helping this long anticipated creative project come to life. The book has impacted all bringing an unmistakably new paradigm to Gallery Keoki.   Sharing this moment with the entire creative team, my family and so many friends makes  this path so worth while.

Thank You all!   Keoki

Elemental Launch0008
Jeff Brunings, Lynn Gibson, Keoki Flagg, Tasmine Poole, Pete Pilcic and Craig Hammond

Elemental Launch0001Elemental Launch0003

Elemental Launch0012

Elemental Launch0011Elemental Launch0009
Keoki with, Mom and Dad,  sister Dawn and  Sister in-law Wina


Elemental Launch0010

Great times in ALASKA, PNH style

Life in the Chugach expands ones imagination…It can easily be mistaken for the prize at the end of the Rainbow.  It has become an annual ritual for me…One that continues to test my boundaries, my patience, as I have come to see it as a personal test in perserverence.





Luckily we started off with a great start, 5 stellar runs that had me once again remembering what great snow felt like…


In tote with my good friends Will and Brian Sharpes we and new buddies Jack and John Cunnigham with PNH guide Andrew Eisentark we had one of those days that reminded us all how good it was to be alive…Living the dream

2015PNH032015PNH04 2015PNH05 2015PNH06 2015PNH07 2015PNH082015PNH09 2015PNH10
On the second day weather set in so we busted out a different set of gear and headed out to explore the Sheridan glacier. It had been awhile since I had been there last, but it felt like little had changed. We spent the day playing on and inside of its surreal world.

Certain places touch us to the core, even in the rain.
2015PNH112015PNH12 2015PNH13 2015PNH14 2015PNH15

Gallery Keoki’s third Annual Celebrity Hobnob

This Year’s Squaw Dogs Event was a giant Woof.   The welcoming committee were on their paws, and the “Puparrazi” were everywhere.  This year the entire team was present and celebrating.  From the unveiling of the new 2015 Team photo, to the auctioning off of the one-of-a-kind signed Paw do Print,  everyone had a blast and raised some well needed funds for The Squaw Valley Avalanche Rescue Dog & Education Fund.  To all the local sponsors who helped support this incredible program –  Thank You.2015Cel
CelebrityHobnob02CelebrityHobnob04CelebrityHobnob03CelebrityHobnob05CelebrityHobnob06 CelebrityHobnob07 CelebrityHobnob08 CelebrityHobnob09 CelebrityHobnob10 CelebrityHobnob11 CelebrityHobnob12 CelebrityHobnob13 CelebrityHobnob14 CelebrityHobnob15 CelebrityHobnob16 CelebrityHobnob17 CelebrityHobnob18 CelebrityHobnob19

Points North Heli event at Gallery Keoki

Kevin and Jessica Quinn celebrating at Gallery Keoki

What an amazing night we all had.  Kevin and Jessica Quinn and there entire Points North Heliskiing Family came to the gallery on Saturday night to celebrate the many years of fun and adventure that we have shared.

Kevin shared perspective on building his dream and what it feels like to have been a featured destination in the Warren Miller Films for over 14 years.  Additionally,  Lel Tone got up and shared some of her amazing adventures and insights on what it is like to be a beautiful, powerful women living the dream….


PNH Guides Alan and Paul with acclaimed surf photographer Tony “Haro” Harrington
Gallery Keoki Partner, Lynn Gibson with friends

GK2PNH00006 GK2PNH00007 GK2PNH00008

Kevin Quinn sharing perspective
GK2PNH00009 GK2PNH00010
Squaw Valley Institute Executive Director Matty Reardon
GK2PNH00011 GK2PNH00012 GK2PNH00013 GK2PNH00014
Lel Tone speaks to a captive audience
GK2PNH00015 GK2PNH00016 GK2PNH00017 GK2PNH00018 GK2PNH00019 GK2PNH00020
Keoki With Family

Mama Bear and two cubs have a party in my house


Crazy Beautiful day in Tahoe…   nothing like a simple brush with nature to remind you where you  live.

I had to run home yesterday at 3 pm to grab a lens out of my house.  As I was opening the door I heard a noise and then walked in to find a big old mama bear standing in the doorway of my guest bedroom . I jumped back only to hear a second whimper from a beautiful cub in the kitchen.  The fridge was opening and he was feasting….

Need-less-to-say we were all a bit startled. I took another step back giving the anxious cub room to scoot by and join mom.  A second later they exited out the bedroom window leaving the screen torn on the ground.  A took stock feeling touched and lucky that nothing else appeared broken and began cleaning up.  A muffled sound from my bedroom got my attention and opened the door to find another cub sitting on my waterbed!

AH if only I had had my camera ready…  Blaming the bear for the mess in my room was the ultimate excuse.  Time to run, he screamed leaped for the window and destroyed a second screen on his way out.

Alive, unharmed and moved I have been reflecting on how incredible it is to be human in this natural world we call home.  My heart is still beating hard…
Keoki_Bears00004Keoki_Bears00001 Keoki_Bears00003

Playing “PUPARAZZI ” at Squaw Valley’s Peaks and Paws Festival

This Year’s Peaks and Paws Festival was as fun as ever.  Our four footed friends came out in mass to celebrate yet another amazing sunny summer day in Tahoe.

Smiles, wagging tails and beautiful barks filled the air…bringing out the dog in us all!

I spent the day at there level on all fours being a dog.

Nothing like our beautiful beasts to remind us how to be human.


Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00019 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00029 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00028 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00027 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00026 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00025 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00024 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00023 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00022 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00021 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00020 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00030
Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00018 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00017 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00016 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00015 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00014 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00013 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00012 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00011 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00010 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00009 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00008 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00007 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00006 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00005 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00004 Peaks and Paws ©KeokiFlagg00003


Elemental Hawaii

A huge thank you to all the friends and family who gathered at Gallery Keoki to celebrate the release of my new body of work, “Elemental Hawaii.”  It was an incredible night of with my Ohana.        You are a beautiful part of this journey… MAHALO

The artistic path to this moment has been an incredibly creative, serendipitous exploration.  It has drawn me with passion all over the globe… only to bring me back home to where it all began.

This is a new beginning… Sparked by new perspective:

In so many ways Hawai’i challenges stereotypes of mountain living,
and my art is defined by a paradigm of Mountain…
Live every moment, boldly explore life, taste, and translate emotion…
Aloha    Keoki

20140727©KeokiFlagg00304 20140727©KeokiFlagg00297 20140727©KeokiFlagg00258 20140727©KeokiFlagg00232