Mama Bear and two cubs have a party in my house


Crazy Beautiful day in Tahoe…   nothing like a simple brush with nature to remind you where you  live.

I had to run home yesterday at 3 pm to grab a lens out of my house.  As I was opening the door I heard a noise and then walked in to find a big old mama bear standing in the doorway of my guest bedroom . I jumped back only to hear a second whimper from a beautiful cub in the kitchen.  The fridge was opening and he was feasting….

Need-less-to-say we were all a bit startled. I took another step back giving the anxious cub room to scoot by and join mom.  A second later they exited out the bedroom window leaving the screen torn on the ground.  A took stock feeling touched and lucky that nothing else appeared broken and began cleaning up.  A muffled sound from my bedroom got my attention and opened the door to find another cub sitting on my waterbed!

AH if only I had had my camera ready…  Blaming the bear for the mess in my room was the ultimate excuse.  Time to run, he screamed leaped for the window and destroyed a second screen on his way out.

Alive, unharmed and moved I have been reflecting on how incredible it is to be human in this natural world we call home.  My heart is still beating hard…
Keoki_Bears00004Keoki_Bears00001 Keoki_Bears00003

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