Colony- New Image Release Event

Saturday night was a very exciting event for Keoki and the Gallery Keoki team.

In his new image, “Colony,” Keoki stepped into a whole new realm of creation. At first glance this beautiful image of a colony of chin strap penguins in Antarctica from his most recent trip this past November looks like it could be captured with a standard 35mm camera. Then, as your eyes begin to explore the image, you discover the detail. How did he capture the texture of the lichen with such precision? How come we can see individual feathers on the penguins? The answer; this new image is actually a composite of 30 close up shots of this frozen world.

This trip gave Keoki the chance to revisit this particular penguin island and with this fresh look he captured more of their world than we thought possible.

“Returning to a once familiar place, no matter how prosaic or exotic, and discovering how much has changed truly mirrors one’s own evolution.”- Keoki Flagg

DSC_5274 DSC_5279 DSC_5284 DSC_5294

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